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From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Wed Apr 11 2001 - 04:24:40 PDT


For what my half-baked opinion is worth, the primary reason I got interested
a long time ago in the Be operating system (BeOS) is that it permits direct
(automated or single-click) transfer of info between programs. Therefore,
one may have integration of all sorts of small programs. They have a demo
where you they run two copies of a program with a box. One of the boxes has
an opening at the right side, the other at the left side. When a ball
bouncing around in one box hits a part of the perforated wall then the
openings in the two boxes will reposition themselves to let the ball through
from one box to the other. This exemplifies the automated transfer of info
from one program to the other. I.o.w. one can integrate small, independent
programs with one another. I probably am telling you experts out there
nothing new - but just in case ....

Be Inc. is struggling hard to hard to survive because their OS and an
offshoot for the internet appliance market (called BeIA) are just about
their only sources of income and they are running out of capital. But there
is a fair chance that BeIA will become viable fairly soon. Sony is about to
market a product with BeIA come May. And Compaq has something with it as
well. To attract developers, much of the BeOS code is available. (Ref.


Grant Bowman wrote:

> I was browsing the site for VIM, an enhanced VI software. It's very
> focused on text editing. To me the VI command mode seems like Augment's
> Command: line.
> In any case <> near the bottom of the page
> has some interesting discussion about VIMs development regarding
> X-windows, CORBA and use with email programs.
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> -- Grant Bowman <>

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