Re: PLink availability/feature requests

From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Thu Apr 12 2001 - 06:52:45 PDT


Re feature requests, the bootstrap pages need purple numbers for graphics and
for tables as well. Furthermore, we need to renumber from time to time when
paragraphs, etc. are deleted or added, i.o.w. we need to remove existing
numbers and replace new numbers. In some cases (see e.g. on page )
I use reverse chronological numbering to avoid renumbering when doing updates,
but Doug Engelbart is not keen about that. He merely tolerates me doing so. So
here again, the renumbering feature would be helpful.

It would be best if I could begin numbering at any heading of my choice. If
looking at bootstrap pages, it would be best to look at the ones without
margins. There is some aditional fudging going on in the margins as you may
observe by comparing the pages with margins with those without margins.

I very much appreciate your efforts,

Henry van Eyken,
webmaster, Bootstrap Institute

Murray Altheim wrote:

> I'm just about done with a Java application similar to Eugene Kim's Purple,
> called PLink. You can feed it any XHTML or well-formed HTML document
> and it'll spit it out with the little purple links as per Purple or
> the web pages. It currently pays attention to headings,
> <p>, <blockquote>, and list items.
> I worked on it last weekend and will likely finish it this weekend. Any
> feature requests will be taken seriously, though time is limited. It's
> based on Xerces and will also validate if you like:
> Usage: java plink [-VLShnpvw] [-(s|x) source] [-o output_file]
> where options include:
> -V show version information
> -L include legacy link targets ('name' attribute)
> -S include sequential links
> -h displays the command line options
> -n XML namespace-aware parsing
> -o sysid output file base name (stdout if not specified)
> -p plink-ize XHTML file
> -s sysid systemId of XHTML source
> -x sysid same as -LSpws (standard PLink mode)
> -v verbose messages
> -w well-formed parse (default is validation)
> My best guess for people's wish list would be:
> -k use xlink rather than HTML links
> -e "a b c" set list of significant element types
> which would allow PLink to be used with other markup languages than
> XHTML or well-formed HTML. This won't make it in version 1.0, but I'm
> open to suggestion. The processor adds a <link rel="stylesheet" />
> element to the output that points to an external style sheet, so the
> particular link styling is up to the author (although a default
> stylesheet will be included).
> Murray
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