Re: Link Evolution

From: Lee Iverson (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 15:18:46 PDT

In message <>, Murray Altheim writes:
>If I'm correct that XHTML 2.0 ends up using XLink, there'll be hooks
>inherently there to add the sorts of metadata, or links to metadata
>that we could use either within the document or external to it. Even
>an attribute containing a link into a link maintenance database for
>the document would be fairly simple:
> <a id="x37" href="somewhere.html"
> linkdb="../linkproc?mydoc.html#x37">text</a>
>[or something a lot more intelligent...]

Actually, (exaggerating a little) I'm only interested in typed links
if there is some mechanism to associate link types with some sort of
ontology. For example, if link types can be related to properties in
some sort of RDF/S schema. Maybe link types should actually be URI
references, and could thus be penetrable to agents or some other sort
of intelligent assistants.

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