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> I agree totally with Eric's analysis. The problem with document reuse
> is often that certain classes of documents are not intended for reuse
> or really even reference. They are a single author's view of a
> coherent argument leading to conclusions. Now, of course, as Eric
> stated, there are many kinds of documents which are already in a much
> more reusable form (and it should be our goal to encourage or create
> new forms where necessary). But more important is the observation
> that much of our style of communication depends on expectations of
> reuse or lack thereof. We write reference documents very differently
> from position papers and proposals. In many cases, the differences
> arise from our understanding of reusability and audience. I fact, I
> strongly believe modularity and reuse are an opportunity in document
> handling and knowledge management that is currently sorely lacking,
> and a huge waste of productive effort.

Yep. All the more reason to have some precision to document typing
in an OHS, beyond keeper/throwaway. I made note of some types
I consider worthwhile at:


Nicholas Carroll

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