purple v0.3 available

From: Eugene Eric Kim (eekim@eekim.com)
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 16:30:34 PDT

Purple v0.3 is now available. Major changes:

  - Can now be configured to work with any XML file.
  - Adapted some of the styles from Murray Altheim's plink.
  - Added lastsid element to purple.dtd for better version control.

Support for any XML vocabulary is very preliminary right now. I haven't
looked at Murray's code closely yet, but judging from his documentation,
it works differently in Purple than it does in plink. The rules for
computing and adding HIDs are fairly low-level, which should give people
the flexibility they need to adapt it to other XML vocabularies correctly.
I'm already using it for some other XML stuff I'm doing. However, this
feature is likely to evolve, as I get more experience with it. For the
time being, Purple works best with purple.dtd.

You can download it from:


As usual, feedback is welcome.


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