Re: Augmented Metadata in XHTML

From: Frode Hegland (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 15:50:03 PDT

>Yes, this is my assumption as well. We need to take baby steps at the
>user level,
that is in my mind key. Define the connecting protocols and develop a
series of independent black boxes.
>We need to keep this grounded in what can be
>accomplished, with our eyes not on the master's finger, but on the
>moon he's pointing at.
Like the way you put that.
>No, I think you're on track. I just read over a paper by Lee Iverson
>on the NODAL project..
Can you give me that URL please?
>I'm considering creating a complement to a Topic Map syntax, called a
>Sequence Map. This would be an XML serialization of a specific linear
>view of a document. The document might be XHTML, might be an XTM topic
>map, might be DocBook, etc. There could be different Sequence Maps for
>any given document. This reminds me a bit of the multiple dimensions
>of Hytime, but like Lee I am prone to want to keep things "radically
Simple yes I agree, but you are way beyond me already here!
>JavaScript? I hope not. I expect a document compositor to be built from
>more solid materials, such as a good metadata registry and database
>repository (perhaps ebXML's, which Sun will release as an implementation
>in July into open source), probably an XSLT engine to create the view
>document, etc.
Javascript is a problem, but useful in a limited manner. I don't find
Full Java to be 100% either for interface issues.
>Does this mean that at some point if our visions turn out to have
>mutually beneficial paths, we might get some commitment on resources?
>That perhaps you'd donate a component? That would be great! We have
>a meeting in Menlo Park tomorrow where I expect we'll discuss some of
>these issues in more detail.
We are not that large a company. We have our Web based email service and
a secret project due out mid July, but we definitively want to be part of
this. What could be more important & fun?
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