Re: Augmented Metadata in XHTML

From: Frode Hegland (
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 03:03:23 PDT

Very valid points here Jan.
I just quite simply agree: Web browser with whatever tricks are
appropriate, including JavaScript, for the simple issue of migration and
feature maturity which it will be 'hard' to compete against MS and the
lack of Java robustness. Sucks, but such is the lollipop.
>Murray Altheim wrote:
>> Yes, but I'm not thinking we're going to be using this within a browser,
>> and standalone Java apps work pretty well in general. (And believe me,
>> I don't say this because I'm a Sun employee)
>My opinion is that if "it" can be done in the browser, then for
>the simple sake of getting more people to know the idea, it should.
>You can do a lot more with a standalone Java app than with
>Javascript/DHTML hacks, of course. But tricking people into downloading
>and installing a fully-blown "Semantic Web Mosaic" could well become
>difficult. Also, Java has performance problems with rendering web-like
>content on current hardware. We will not see any pure Java browser
>which comes close to MSIE or Mozilla any time soon, so I'd recommend
>using it as a client platform with care.
>A prototype can be written in Java, why not. It also used to be possible
>to embed a browser component (= MSIE) into a Java application. I don't
>know whether it would still be a good idea, however, given that Microsoft
>no longer cares about JavaMS interoperability. The embarassing thing
>is that Sun doesn't really care about it either -- why are there no
>official platform-specific extensions to Java, why don't they provide
>the Visual J++-like functionality themselves, why do I have to shrug
>if you ask me for a stupid little UI tweak? In the name of promoting
>"Java pureness", they are ignoring the real world needs of normal users.
>(Another example: since September 1999 there is a bug in their database
>which lists over 30 incompatibilities between Java's Windows Look &
Feelbrgt;and real Windows.)
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