Re: Mozilla based Nareau

From: Jack Park (
Date: Sat Jul 07 2001 - 08:38:36 PDT

Very interesting. Notice on the side bar, there is another project:
"This is the the Annozilla project, designed to view and create annotations
associated with a web page, as defined by the W3C Annotea project. The idea
is to store annotations as RDF on a server, using XPointer (or at least
XPointer-like constructs) to identify the region of the document being
The intention of Annozilla is to use Mozilla's native facilities to
manipulate annotation data - its built-in RDF handling to parse the
annotations, and nsIXmlHttpRequest to submit data when creating annotations"

Sounds a lot like BrowseUp.

At 01:24 AM 7/7/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>This project seems to share many ideas that we have discussed.
>It is a "web wide, *extensible*, lightweight component system with a
>browser-server and an open mechanism to integrate other applications,
>documents, and services."
>There are two applications slated and one server. A messaging client is
>first and will feature a shared space based messaging and chat
>application, with browser integration. The next application is planned
>as "a full semantic web browser, and project manager" based on the first
>The key functional components are Mozilla, Jabber and Apache using SOAP
>-- Grant Bowman <>

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