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Date: Sat Jul 21 2001 - 11:33:33 PDT

How doe does VerticalNet like using products?

   * B-Bop Xfinity Server - provides a scalable, high-volume XML data
     server for integrating, managing and sharing dynamic content for
     Web-based solutions for Multi-target publishing (Web/Wireless),
     Reporting, e-Learning, e-Commerce document management and Portals.
     Xfinity Server is an ideal platform for businesses who want to
     rapidly deploy scalable solutions using XML, the new standard for
     managing and distributing content on the Web.

   * B-Bop Xfinity Designer - is a Visual XSL Stylesheet development
     tool for developers to quickly and easily generate XSL stylesheets
     without becoming experts at XSL and XPATH syntax.

   * B-Bop Xfinity Author wX is an easy-to-use add-on to Microsoft Word
     that enables users to create structured content in XML using the
     familiar Word authoring environment.

   * B-Bop Xfinity Author Server - provides a highly flexible Web-based
     environment including configurable workflow to streamline Web
     publishing processes.It includes seamless Microsoft Word and
     Excel-to-XML conversion allowing business users to create re-usable
     XML content. Combined with Xfinity Server it delivers a complete
     solution for enabling business users to publish business critical
     content directly to the Web.

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> Any open-source alternatives?
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> Contact Ben Trafford for more info
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> An extensible model for real-time XML processing
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