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From: Grant Bowman (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 15:00:07 PDT

Sun's Forte for Java is based on an Integrated Development Environment
(IDE) called NetBeans. The folks using this tool are open source code
developers, a key target audience of an OHS.

As you can see there is active development of the feature set. Clicking
on "modules" from will show you the categories of
add-in tools available. Jack and I are already using this environment
for Nexist.

Take care,

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Pavel Buzek announced the important change in planes for NetBeans 3.3. Projects implementation won't appear in NetBeans 3.3, but in 4.0 version. Subject: IMPORTANT - proposal of 33 plans change URL:

Jack Catchpoole implemented his proposal for collecting proposals from all NetBeans modules: Subject: proposals auto-indexer implemented URL:

What default compiler would you prefer to have in the NetBeans 3.3 setup configuration? If you would like to vote, look at: Subject: default compiler in NB 3.3 ? URL:

George Dvorak comes up with an idea of interviews. It seems that it will be good reading for the coming weeks. Yarda is already looking forward to be interviewed. Subject: Interviews proposal URL:

George also proposed the "Yahoo style" catalogue of modules. It seems it could be useful for our users to have a catalogue sorted by technologies like j2ee programming, web app programming, etc. Please comment. See:

Subject: NetBeans Module Catalogue Proposal URL:

Radim Kubacki announced new version of the Mouse wheel module. For those who don't use this utility yet, look at: See:

Subject: New version of mousewheel module available URL: New version of mousewheel module available

Yarda Tulach started the discussion about OpenAPI changes for NetBeans 4.0 (formerly called 3.4). Subject: NetBeans 4.0 API changes URL:

For those who are interested in user interface of NetBeans, look at some new threads started by Ian Formanek last week in nbui list. Just some of them were: Subject: Runtime tab inconsistencies URL:

Subject: MDI as the default mode? URL:

Subject: Component Instector location URL:

Would you like to have spell checker for Java comments? Feel free to participate in discussion about it: Subject: Developing a spell checking module URL:

New version of mount wizard was implemented by Yarda. Subject: Mount filesystem URL:

Try annotations in NetBeans editor! For more details look at e-mail sent by David Konecny to nbdev and download NetBeans dev build. Subject: Try out Annotations in Editor! URL:

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