Re: Newcomer question: code?

From: Grant Bowman (
Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 19:11:57 PDT

* Johannes Ernst <> [010802 18:40]:
> The site at sourceforge seems to be empty?
> Is there any code that anyone has developed/is developing/...? Will there be?
> Johannes Ernst
> R-Objects Inc.

Hello Johannes,

I am curious to see what kind of software you are working on after
signing your NDA. There are two documents that I think outline much of
the architectural work done so far, two software packages written by
contributors to add purple numbers to web pages and one page where I
have collected open source links of somewhat related Open Source

Lee Iverson's Network Oriented Document Abstraction Language paper (20-Jun-2001)
<a href="">NODAL</a>

Doug Engelbart's OHS-Project Plan (23-Oct-2000)
<a href="">OAD, 2120</a>
Requirements document for the Hyperscope.

Purple, BSD licensed HTML transformation by Eugene Kim (04-Jun-2001)
<a href="">Purple</a>
Purple links (plink), Apache licensed XHTML transformation by Murray Altheim (7-May-2001)
<a href="">PLINK</a>

Open Source Collaborative Software Project list (6-May-2001)
<a href="">Collaborative

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