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Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 09:24:49 PDT

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    Jack Park wrote:
    > Great find, Murray. Notice he also has a database dependency project that
    > uses this graph package.

    Here's Jesus' reply to a question on SVG; we may be able to help him out
    in some sort of cooperative venture. I don't think the GUI is the prettiest
    thing, but it seems to work quite well. He's planning on adding the ability
    to change the vertex symbol, so we could have both rectangles and ellipses
    for displaying topic maps (or CGs). We might even be able to get someone
    to write an XSLT stylesheet to transform from XGMML to SVG (though that
    seems like it might be pretty difficult). wrote:
    > Currently, I am using XGMML ... but I am also planning to use GraphXML since
    > it seems more complete(!?).
    > In any case, you may want to get the latest source via CVS, since it has a lot
    > of changes from 0.8.1 ... and includes better support for XGMML including
    > reading and writing VisualGraph ... though still not perfect though ( limited
    > by the XGMML DTD ). I have added an "Open" and "Save" button on the toolbar
    > just to show that it works.
    > The changes in CVS also allows you to extend some specific classes in the API
    > to support other XML formats other than XGMML, like GraphXML or something
    > else, but have not done so. If you would like to add some classes in there
    > specific for what you mentioned, feel free and I'll add it to CVS. However,
    > they'll probably be added to 0.9.1, as I am planning to release 0.9.0,
    > hopefully within this week, if not next week .... Just finishing up the
    > Release Notes.
    > > Jesus,
    > >
    > > When you say you'd like to have it read and write from an XML file,
    > > what format were you considering? I've thought about writing an XML
    > > DTD for a very small subset of SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphics) that
    > > would represent graphs. The Batik toolkit ( has some
    > > APIs that allow something like this to be done. If you decide you'd
    > > like to tackle the XML markup, I might be available (I'd have to
    > > ask my manager for the time) to help develop such a thing if it was
    > > compatible with a graph subset of SVG.
    > >
    > > Murray


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