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   Colloquium at Stanford
An In-Depth Look at "The Unfinished Revolution"
Session 1
Peter Yim1.*

Speaking from audience:

This is fine. Not quite the process, but the infrastructure, at least. I mean, we went back to school here, and this is actually a Stanford course. So, I just want to go through a few routine requirements. 2

For those of you who have visited the website, the Colloquium site, you would have noticed that there is a certificate requirement. So, you will actually get the Stanford Certificate of Completion for completing the course. Obviously there are requirements and I'll try to read them here for everybody's benefit. One is to have attended a minimum of nine out of the ten seminar sessions. You could be here on site; you could be at the broadcast if you are at one of the SEPT companies having the microwave broadcast piped into your company. Or, you could attend the webcast, either live or the archival on-demand seminar. So, there's sort of four or five different ways to do it. Secondly, you would need to complete your session evaluation questionnaire, which we are passing out. She [P.Y. refers to an assistant] is trying to help me pass this out. And, lastly, and more importantly, you need to actively participate. And, by participate, we mean maybe actively contributing and discussing over cyberspace. 3

Part of the team of volunteers are now setting up a prototype dynamic knowledge repository infrastructure that allows people to engage into threaded discussions, submit links, submit papers, and also do evaluations, surveys, and polls over the net. And, hopefully, if we have enough volunteer effort to get there, we'll put all these into a, at least a prototype of, what Doug envisions as being a dynamic knowledge repository. You will find more information on the website. So, please bookmark that. If you haven't been there yet, the URL is . And, we will keep on posting more information there. 4

Also, shortly you will get an invitation message to invite you to join into the threaded discussion. So, please join, especially if you want the Certificate of Completion, but definitely please join even if you don't want the Certificate of Completion. 5

One more point of order is for those who are attending the course in person. This [P.Y. holds up his pass] is your pass into the auditorium. So, don't lose it. It has details as to which sessions you're registered in. So, you need this to get back in next week. Obviously, for those who are attending the webcast, you need your password. So, don't lose the passwords. I sent out another message sort of giving people the bookmarked page to access the webcast. 6

If you are attending in person and you also want to go back into the webcast, you would need to register for webcast, as well. There is, I mean, from the Stanford Colloquium site, where you choose your access, I mean, if you choose online webcast then you will have the registration form to get you registered for webcast and get you your passwords. That's it. 7

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