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   Colloquium at Stanford
An In-Depth Look at "The Unfinished Revolution"
Session 4
Marcelo Hoffmann1.*
-unedited transcript -

I have a couple of announcements for those here and online at SITN. We would like everyone to know that there are new announcements that will be posted online at suggest that you might want to visit this regularly because we're  posting any number of announcements there including a new section as well as a discussion group there so that you can get involved with the more  interactive activities that go along with this colloquium. We would very much like to ask that everyone fill out the questionnaire forms so that we can  tune the next session after each one has occurred. We have tried not to send too many mailers, email, and physical mail and so on and to just post  on our website because we feel that everyone has enough email as is. So Please cooperate with us and we'll try to cooperate with the colloquium  as we go along. Another announcement is that we're reopening the registration for the onsite colloquium here, physically at Stanford; because we've  got some dropouts so we're opening it up slightly and we don't mind it being a full house continuously. So those who feel like attending here in person  please feel fee to apply; we'll try to keep the house full at all times. There's another request that we've had for PowerPoint files of what we've  presented in the past. WE will try to post these online also. We haven't had the capability to do this so far, but we will try to do it and we'll do it through  the one list file sharing capability that we have. If you don't have any other reason to subscribe to the one list forum, this is a good incentive. For those  of you who cannot receive the web cast particularly well, we have experienced some quality problems we have some information on this on the  colloquium homepage so if you have problems, please read that and then contact us if you have additional queries still. And that's pretty much all we  have for announcements unless Peter has -- no? OK. I'll turn it back to Doug who will take it away from here.

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