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   Colloquium at Stanford
An In-Depth Look at "The Unfinished Revolution"
Session 6
Peter Yim1.*
- unedited transcript -

This is in response to the questionnaire in which people wanted to have access to the slides even after the live event. First of all, the slides are available along with the archived webcast. Now we've also worked it out with Stanford so that the links to the slides are also available even when the webcast is moved from live to archived, so if you go to the webcast access page all of the previous slides will be available shortly, as well as the live ones. The other thing I needed to say is I apologize for the delinquency of getting last week's questionnaire out, I was sick most of the week. Session five questionnaires are out now. Session six isn't, and hopefully before the weekend I will get that one out as well. Thank you.

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