Highlights of the 1968 "Mother of All Demos"

Engelbart and the Dawn of Interactive Computing - SRI's Revolutionary 1968 DemoOn December 9, 1968, Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart and the Augmentation Research Center (ARC) at Stanford Research Institute staged a 90-minute public multimedia demonstration which presaged many of the technologies we use today – from personal computing to social networking. It was the world debut of personal and interactive computing: for the first time, the public saw a computer mouse, used to demonstrate a networked computer system which featured hypertext linking and composing with real-time text editing, multiple windows with flexible view control, knowledge management, shared-screen teleconferencing, and more.

For more on the story behind this "Mother of All Demos" and links to the memorabilia, related archives, and full-length 90-minute version of the demo, visit our Doug's 1968 Demo portal page.

To watch these demo highlights click the images below 
or watch as a playlist on YouTube (24 min total)

1. Introduction
(38 sec)

The Basics
2. The Basics
(6 min 24 sec)

The Bootstrapping Approach
3. The Bootstrapping Approach (1 min 30 sec)

4. The Devices 
(1 min 41 sec)

5. The Hardware
(1 min 57 sec)

6. Software Development
(3 min 43 sec)

7. Applications
(1 min 29 sec)

Real-time Collaboration
8. Real-Time Collaboration  (2 min 58 sec)

Other Projects
9. Other Projects
(2 min 3 sec)


The Team
10. The Team (Thank-Yous) (2 min 2 sec)



All video footage of the demo courtesy SRI International and Stanford Libraries Special Collections.