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   Colloquium at Stanford
An In-Depth Look at "The Unfinished Revolution"
Footnotes. 1

Re webcasts. Archived versions of the ten, three-hour webcasts of Engelbart's colloquium, The unfinished revolution, are accessible free of charge. Interested persons are asked to register with the Stanford Center for Professional Development to obtain username and password. See also transcripts of the sessions. 2

Re forum. To join the discussion group, contact  For a threaded version of the posts click here. 3

Re margins. These web-pages are available with or without margins. Pages with margins are easier to read when the browser window takes up the monitor's entire display area. Pages without margins may be preferred when browser windows are made smaller for viewing more than one window at a time. 4

Re purple numbers. Formally named location numbers (also statement numbers, structural statement numbers), these identify in a document such structural elements as titles, paragraphs, graphics, etc. Accordingly, the primary purpose of a location number is to specifically target a component of a document by hyperlinking from some source document. Conversely, right-clicking on a live location number permits putting the referenced address (URL) into a buffer whence it may be copied into other documents - even, with appropriately  receptive documents, as another live link to the original target. For example, right-clicking on a live, i.e. hyperlinked, location number in a browser web page brings up a small window that offers the option to Copy Link Location, which you can then paste into an email or document. 5

Many older documents found on this website contain location numbers that are not live. Those numbers were perceived as pre-tagged for subsequent use  The beneficial use of location numbers was originally designed as part of Augment, a text processing system for co-operating, networked professionals engaged in such knowledge work as planning, analyzing and the designing of highly complex systems. 5A




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