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From: LaMonte, Hilary (HLaMonte@nsba.org)
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 15:51:04 PST

From: "LaMonte, Hilary" <HLaMonte@nsba.org>

[For those who received this message earlier, sorry for duplicate posting.
I wanted to be sure to get this in the community archive.]

To: Registrants for the Engelbart Colloquium at Stanford: An In-depth Look
at the Unfinished Revolution."


   Doug Engelbart here, welcoming you to the online community associated
   the Stanford Colloquium. I would like to emphasize that the purpose of
   Colloquium and community is not just to transfer information/knowledge,
   also to begin the development and evolution of an appropriate Improvement

   Infrastructure -- scalable to national and global inclusion.

   I have no question about it: the outcome and results of this effort will
   ultimately determined by the collective participation of many individuals

   and organizations around the world. As I emphasized in the first
   this is not an "Engelbart Revolution," but a global shift that must
   occur in our societies and our world.

   Should you have questions about either the online or the face-to-face
   colloquium forums, please do not hesitate to contact the colloquium TA's.

   Marcelo Hoffman (marcelo@future.sri.com) is the TA for the
   forum and Hilary LaMonte (hlamonte@nsba.org) is the TA for the online
    Both are available through the online community as well.

   Thank you for joining this Colloquium. I hope that you will take an
   part in catalyzing this process for our collective benefit.

   Best wishes,

   Doug Engelbart

A Note from your Online TA:

Thank you for registering for the Engelbart Colloquium at Stanford: An
In-depth Look at the Unfinished Revolution." This letter is a confirmation
of your registration and an orientation to various aspects of the colloquium
including: Schedule information, webcast information, online community
information and legal agreements of community members.

1) Colloquium Schedule Information

Colloquium sessions will be held in person at Stanford University on
consecutive Thursdays from 4:00-7:00 pm US Pacific Standard Time (i.e. GMT
Thursdays - 0:00-3:00). They will be simultaneously webcast and available
on the web asynchronously as well. The main website for the Colloquium is
http://www.bootstrap.org/colloquium. Here you will find a week-by-week
description of the colloquium sessions.

2) Webcast Information

If you registered after 1/6/00 or have some questions about accessing the
live or archived webcast, please read our earlier "To All Colloquium Webcast
Attendees" message at
http://bootstrap.org/colloquium/discuss/0001.html. If you have questions,
feel free to write me at hlamonte@nsba.org.

3) Online Community Information

There is an online community component to the Colloquium, giving
participants the opportunity to have a dialogue on Colloquium-related
issues, share files, and build a community calendar. The community is
hosted by Onelist.com. As a registrant in the Colloquium, you will
automatically receive an invitation to join the online community, along with
the instructions for doing so. You have the choice of participating through
e-mail, by receiving a daily digest, or by visiting the web-based bulletin
board. The website for the Onelist.com online community is

4) Legal Agreements of Community Members

This discussion forum and the subsequent collaborative project to build a
prototype Dynamic Knowledge Repository (DKR) through shared files and links
is considered an extended activity of the Engelbart Colloquium at Stanford.
As such, your participation is subject to the terms and conditions in the
"Permission to Use" release (see
http://www.bootstrap.org/colloquium/permission.html) which each participant
accepts by virtue of contributing to the community. Please be sure to review
the permission form to ensure that the terms are acceptable to you before
you join us at the colloquium and in those extended activities.

Best wishes,

Hilary LaMonte

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