[unrev-II] distributed bootstrapping

From: Jon Winters (winters@obscurasite.com)
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 20:03:13 PST

From: Jon Winters <winters@obscurasite.com>

Hello Everyone,

For the last few months I've been donating extra CPU cycles on one of my
computers to the SETI@home project.


The SETI@home project is a lot of fun but I would rather be donating my
cycles to solving a project a little closer to home.

How could the power of distributed computing be put to use to solve some
of the big problems discussed in the first lecture?

I found some more distributed computing projects listed here:


There is a lot of computing power going to waste every second of every
day. Folks will donate the CPU cycles and feel good about doing it.
All that is needed is to organize the projects and get the word out.

Check out the distributed.net mission statement:

<snip src="http://distributed.net/mission.html">
distributed.net believes in the capability and potential of distributed
computing. Our mission consists of three interdependent goals:
development, deployment, and advocacy, to be pursued in the advancement
of distributed computing.

We will develop open, easily portable, highly adaptable, best-of-breed
software, as well as networks and other necessary infrastructure to
support that software. We will do this by conducting and actively
supporting distributed computing research of all kinds.

We will deploy our software to form an immense, globally distributed
computer that solves large-scale problems and provides an accessible
pool of computational power to projects that need it. This deployment
will also demonstrate the real-world utility of both distributed
computing in general and our software in particular.

Finally, we will advocate distributed computing, by encouraging global
participation and contributions of processing power, bandwidth, and
expertise; by providing a forum for discussion; and by raising awareness
on the Internet and in the mainstream.

Its good stuff, get involved!

Jon Winters 
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