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From: Clark Quinn (cquinn@knowledgeplanet.com)
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 17:32:31 PST

From: Clark Quinn <cquinn@knowledgeplanet.com>

As an outcome of the initial colloquium (and now second) meeting, I guess I'm feeling a bit of frustration that we seem to be engaging more in discussing interesting problems (always fun, particularly in a relaxed setting) than in working towards a solution. OK, so I'm not known for my patience :-).

I found Jim Spohrer's discussion interesting, because he was talking a bit more about some concrete activities (I've been aware of the EOE, though it's always seemed like an economy of tools rather than a content marketplace, which is where I think things may need to go; probably another discussion). One thing he said in particular resonates, as his 6 R's looked like an approach to categorizing some issues, and that's where I think we might get some traction.

My concern is that while a highly linked knowledge base is a useful activity and outcome, there's advantage to pre-processing the resident entities. While I confess to not having fully comprehended the depths of Augment, it seemed through the example that there was significant 'tagging' attached to objects and links. In our work dealing with 'learning objects' (in the IEEE/IMS sense, not the EOE sense), it's turning out that smaller granularity and more 'restricted vocabulary' tagging is likely to provide us some opportunity to add intelligent processing on our system. Short of an overarching knowledge ontology (oh, please, Santa?), we have to work largely in a content-independent way (or to domain-specific vocabularies, limiting generalizability).

So it occurs to me to ask if there is a set of metadata beyond the Dublin Core that we might develop to focus specifically on capability infrastructure and improvement?

I will also mention that my interest in such a repository is to collaboratively build, but also individually learn from such a system, so I hope that as we explore concrete possibilities I will hope that we can elicit such opportunities.

Enough for now, -- Clark

Clark Quinn
(510) 768-2408

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