Re: [unrev-II] Session #2 - Moving People?

From: Eugene Kim (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 16:21:33 PST

From: Eugene Kim <>

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, Bill & Sharon Bearden wrote:

> The solution to our problem with energy may come more from Cisco than Chevron.

I read about a study a few months ago that reported technology and the
Internet's positive contribution to the environment. It gave some
positive quantitative number that reflected savings from telecommuting,
organizations distributing material electronically over the web rather
than as paper, etc. I can't seem to dig up the article about the study or
the study itself; if anyone has a URL, I'd love to see it posted on this

One of the difficulties with all of these studies is gauging the
thoroughness of the analysis. At session #2, Professor Kinderman
explained that when determining the amount of energy used by public
transit, one also has to take into account the energy needed for the
lights, the escalators, etc. In that vein, then, it's not entirely
accurate to measure energy consumed by automobiles without considering
street lights, traffic lights, energy consumed to maintain roads, etc.
The question is, do the numbers cited take these factors into account as

This problem highlights the importance of coming up with a standard of
measurement like the cubic mile of oil. It sounds like a relatively minor
accomplishment -- any idiot could have done it -- but doing so makes it
considerably easier to think about and discuss the problem.


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