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From: Bernie DeKoven (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 13:12:54 PST

From: "Bernie DeKoven" <>

Rod, there were two items in your thought-provoking message that
particularly caught my conceptual eye:

"integrating time and information" to produce knowledge."


"Getting people to give it a try, however, is not easy because, in the
beginning, producing useful "intelligence" requires a specialist, like a
"scribe" was needed to help people get going with alphabet technology in an
earlier era. "

I found those items provocative because they echoed so strongly my findings
as I go about investigating, promoting, and exploring the art of

Technography is an approach I developed for the real-time facilitation of
collaborative work. It rests on the social and technical skills of a
technographer -- a high tech version of a scribe who acts as a kind of
conduit between the group and a computer. Using a dynamic outliner and a
shared screen (projected, via data projector in a face-to-face meeting,
broadcast via application-sharing over the web) the technographer captures,
organizes and manages the information flow during a meeting. The fact that
this intervention works so well in real time is due, to my understanding, to
its ability to, as you say, integrate time and information to produce
knowledge", or at least a shared understanding.

I don't mean to belabor the parallels here, and you can read much more about
this role on my website at I mean rather to echo
your observations by sharing how the growing success of my work so clearly
validates Doug's insights, and vice versa.

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