Re: [unrev-II] Towards a DKR

From: Gerald Pierce (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 20:33:35 PST

From: Gerald Pierce <>

Actually, Jack, I am all in favor of the debate even if it takes
forever. I believe that people have a need to be heard and if it is
suppressed it crops up in all sorts of arcane and inexplicable ways that
damage the enterprise. However, this debating need not get in the way
of the improvement process and progress towards a goal. Look, for
example, at the teaming ferment in the Linux open source community. The
debate is humungus while the product is thriving. I expect a David/OS
version with a good man-in-the-street GUI to be announced any day now
that can take on the giant. Hmm, maybe we should be the creators. It
could go for a modest price and fund the work that need to be done by

All of which brings up another point. I think that we need to learn to
see places where a human cooperative process is succeeding. The mind,
left to it's own devices, will tend to focus on failure. (Threats to
survival) Hence good news doesn't sell and disasters do. Finding and
adapting successful behavior is hard work given our biases, but
nevertheless it is a needed skill and can be learned. I say it is
right up there with "rewarding process focused systems" rather than
"event focused". Both are needed, I think. Is this a "both,
and" rather than a "either, or"? Who can tell?

Gerald Pierce qeds

Jack Park wrote:

> From: "Jack Park" <>
> (Snipped)
> I am wondering if we may need one because the debate that will ensue
> over what
> gets in or stays out of a DKR could easily (IMHO) drag on for the rest
> of
> this millenium.
> Just my $.02
> Jack Park
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