Re: [unrev-II] Augment/NLS license for port to Squeak/Smalltalk?

From: Marcelo Hoffmann (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2000 - 10:56:44 PST

From: Marcelo Hoffmann <>


my understanding is that the official license is still held by
Tymshare/McDonnell Douglas --> now Boeing, but that it would not be
particularly difficult to get access to it, given that it is an orphan
product. I believe the only folks who now use Augment, are Mary Coppernoll
(Doug's secretary), Doug, and sometimes, Christina.

There is a question whether it would make sense to reverse engineer the code,
or more likely, incorporate the lessons into new code that is architected and
engineered with more flexibility.... and here I am truly out of my

Doug would have to respond to the specifics on how to "port" the code....
Perhaps the first thing is to see a demo (difficult to do at Stanford), but
perhaps starting from a video of the code in use....

I believe there is a reduced version of Augment that runs on PCs, I believe
developed by NDMA... (and I forget the whole name for NDMA....)

regards, Marcelo

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