Re: [unrev-II] Windows Media Player working poorly on MacOS 9

From: John M. (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 14:31:58 PST

From: "John M." <>

--- "Ken G. Brown" <> wrote:
> Has anyone found how to get Windows Media Player to
> work reliably on
> Mac? I'm using the latest v6.3 on Mac 7600/132/MacOS
> 9.0 and have

It works _ok_ on my iMac DV, also running OS9. I have
had minor problems with it though, so I'd say WMP
isn't really ready for prime-time on the mac yet.

On my NT machine at work WMP works great.

> It seems to me that Quicktime might result in a
> better user experience.
Agreed, at least on the mac. However, I don't
appreciate QT nagging me to buy the upgrade even
though I just bought the whole computer/os!
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