[unrev-II] Mike T. & Eric A.

From: John \ (john.werneken@gte.net)
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 23:48:17 PST

From: "John \"sb\" Werneken" <john.werneken@gte.net>

Mike: Well said, markets do embody considerable knowledge. And within a given organization probably lies the "market" for augmentation tools.

Eric: I agree with your post about business organizations being unmotivated to invest in "C" and being pretty spotty about "B" as well. I've had the same experience. I disagree with your conclusions about the remedial power of government, however. By straining top-level government decisions through the filter of getting those top-level officials elected, I believe enormous information gets lost, never to be recaptured (in contrast to market-driven decisions).

So maybe my comment about "B" people in multiple organizations cross-pollinating to form a "C" NIC, and the NICs then cross-pollinating to sponsor "C" development work, might have a little value as a synthesis of what I read Mike & Eric saying.

Gotta go catch up on Colloquium #3 before I pontificate any more (I promise).

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