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Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 01:28:01 PST

From: "Eric Armstrong" <>

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  In my experience, B and C type organizations are usually temporary, and are sponsored by either cross-departmental or cross-industrial initiatives. I agree that even these (at least in terms of the social structure of membership) tend to become experienced as A organizations. But their function, which they often perform quite well, is B or C.
  On the other hand, what we see on the net -- the hundreds of thousands of virtual communities -- seem to be all C or B, and very rarely actually A. In fact, much of my on-line work, oddly enough, is in support of A-type virtual initiatives.

Important point. There is a *ton* of B/C work going on over the net, in "virtual organizations".
In a sense, those are the maverick folks I was talking about -- because only infrequently would the time spent in that arena be viewed as "productive" from the standpoint of the organization.

Enlightened management, of course, is another issue. But is astonishing how quickly
one learns not to give accurate project estimates, if one ever wants the opportunity to pursue B-level projects. Generally, in fact, such projects must be pursued on the quiet, and presented as a fait accompli. After enough of them have been delivered, one's credibility rises to the point that it may actually be possible to get a project approved in advance. But it takes awhile. "On the quiet" tends to be a safer approach for B-activities in most organizations.

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