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Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 13:19:36 PST

From: Clark Quinn <>

>The two flaws in the system we have today are:
> * Policy making too heavily influenced by money interests
> * Policy making too interested in short term results regardless of
> long term consequences in order to keep popular favor.

That's because that's what the system rewards. You want to change it, you have to change the reward system. Maybe if their pensions were tied to long term outcomes of their policies....and no opportunities to collect any other form of rewards.

As an aside, the third flaw in the system (the take home lesson from my poli sci course years ago) is

  policy making doesn't make big enough steps

That is, government works incrementally. They take a step, see who squalls. If not as many as praise, they might take another step in that direction. If memory serves, the claim also was made that this takes too long, so government really isn't effective.

>Don't get me wrong. I'm in favor of a "free" market. But it's clear that a "free"
>market requires regulation.

Without open communication AND an educated populace, the vested interests can control the situation. Just look at the whole advertising business! Why are sales people getting commissions, and teachers not?

I'd be inclined to other reinforcement mechanisms than straight market economics, but the bookkeeping overhead is too high (from my admittedly limited investigations). The problem with the free market is that it requires optimizing buyers. If we can't fix the economics, maybe we can improve the buyers. Hence my passion for education. -- Clark

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