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Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 22:57:19 PST

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  Clark is right. Education of the "buyer" is a key strategy. Maybe not all can or need be educated but a critical mass can move society. For example, a minority of packaging-conscious shoppers has changed how groceries handle bagging and may change how retail goods are offered.
That is a key point that also constitutes "leverage". A case where education of the few benefits the many.

There are some interesting "survival training" games where a group is given a scenario: "You're on dessert island." You have salt, a canteen of water, a blanket, a shovel, a mirror,
etc. What do you do?

In all cases, it was found that the groups who fared best were the ones that were best able to identify people in their group with real expertise -- frequently not the most aggressive or forward individuals -- and use that knowledge to benefit everyone.

The issue, whether it is accomplished through a government organization or an ad hoc "people's movement", is to leverage the real knowledge in the group.

How is that accomplished most effectively? That is the question.

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