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Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 05:27:58 PST

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Unsure what caused the encryption of the previous responses. I'm using a different mail client in this attempt.

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I agree with much of what Eric presents as pivotal problems.
I've described the major problems I've observed in our world in terms of peoples' attitude towards whether they are "separate" from each other, or are somehow "connected" together. I perceive that we are all connected through a larger medium, and that we share common tangible and intangible foundations. It seems this sense of separation in our species all started with the first named thing, leading to the first category, leading to the first group, leading to the first exclusion, leading to the first battle. As our technology advances, the sense of time and distance separation among people is diminishing, while we still suffer from the chaos of unmanaged things, names, categories, and groupings. See
I perceive that the pivotal issues for improvement are to provide a global DKR, giving our species the means to overcome not only the sense of separation in time and distance, but also in knowledge. See

Getting closer to Eric's points, I perceive that those of our species who cannot reconcile their scientific, social, and spiritual knowledge are going to continue to experience conflict at the rifts between these knowledge/experience domains. See

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