RE: [unrev-II] Big Projects Usually Fail

From: Bernie DeKoven (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 05:59:23 PST

From: "Bernie DeKoven" <>

Dick writes:

Therefor, I suggest that we seek as many useful sub-projects with tiny
costs and significant payoffs, that fit into the chosen general plan,
as we can. We should pay special attention to short term, low cost
efforts. I will have a few to suggest, such as the Idea Farm, which I
claim can be implemented in some useful form within a week by a single
person or a team of two or three.

Bernie responds:

Yes. Let's make this our plan. Let's focus on Internet-based ventures, like
the Idea Farm, as you suggest. Let's make them Internet-based because I
believe what we hope to create are B and C communities, and I believe that
we believe that the Internet right now is the best greenhouse for such

Perhaps in parallel we should also create a general plan. Maybe that'd be
the work of the Idea Farm.

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