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Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 05:27:36 PST

From: Hirohide Yamada <>

Tanya Jones wrote:
> From: "Tanya Jones" <>
> >From: Mike Taylor <>
> Date: Friday, January 21, 2000 3:55 PM
> >
> >I guess I must be the one who doesn't get it. After the sessions so far,
> >I'm confused about the goals here. I think there is a big difference
> >between improving the collective intelligence of an organization - a team
> >or a business unit or whatever - and trying to solve what are perceived as
> >big social problems. Yet these are treated as the same problem.
> Doug is presenting a complicated hierarchy of issues and ways to maybe
> resolve those issues draped in unfamiliar terminology. It is a lot to
> absorb.
> >An organization, in general, has quite a few important attributes that are
> >already agreed on - a goal or goals, some processes such as
> >decision-making, a culture and so forth. So I have no problem thinking of
> >an organization as a "social organism" and using the ideas of CoDIAK to
> >make it work better as an organism.
> >
> >But then the leap to solving perceived social problems is too huge for me.
> >If there is an organization whose goal it is to solve those problems, then
> >fine, I can see that CoDIAK can potentially help that organization be more
> >effective in achieving its goal.

This is to me a very important point in understanding Doug`s model and applying
it to our industry and social problems. I come to believe more that his model works.
Let me explain why I think so:

Capitalism system assumes that each indivisual company can be concerned at the
bottom line only and the total system works for the good of the society by the
control of the market mechanizm. But if the market does not realize the potential
problems we face which now a days became huge and complicated as energy
problem, what should we do. It is not conceivable that each company do only money
making and somebody else works on the problem and it gets solved as a whole.
The proglem solving mechanizm has to be imbedded into everybody`s mind
and infuluence the organizational behabiors. If Doug`s ABC mode, NIC and KoDIAK
process can be applied recursively from day to day operational organization to
management of the company to community activity group to environmental
organization for example as a chane, we can hope that the society as a whole
can be directed to solving the problem. This is what I interpret Doug`s scalability
of the model and bootstrappig. Does this make sense?

Hirohide Yamada

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