[unrev-II] Slashdot.org; re-re-post, using plain text this time.

From: John \ (john.werneken@gte.net)
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 21:24:21 PST

From: "John \"sb\" Werneken" <john.werneken@gte.net>

APOLOGIES. One-List seems to hate WORD as much as it hated Rich Text format;
trying Plain Text.

I should have said “first petrified Portman grits post” to cover the most
common inanity added to slashdot.org.

I’m neither a Linux-head nor a programmer nor a geek, so bear in mind that
slashdot.org is for me a major source of timely, accurate technology news,
but not exactly my home community. It IS exactly the home of self-defined
Linux programmer-geeks.

And it is a sort of DKR in its own way, so it might be worth a look. (Tip:
historically noted comments are to be found under the “hof”, for
‘hall-of-fame’, menu selection on Slashdot.)

Slashdot is like Onelist only much broader than a single one-list and far
more sophisticated. Aggregate user opinion ranks the input; individual users
can decide whether to take note of the ranking/vetting, and, if so, to what

Since it became Mega-popular, the number of posts intended only to attract
attention or to annoy has increased. The most common is a “first post” - a
response to something - that says nothing other than “first post” i.e. I
responded first. Comments about pouring hot grits down one’s pants identify
one regular contributor of nuisance posts, while references to petrifying
Natalie Portman (whoever that is - some woman who is well known, for being
well-known, I would suppose) identify another regular poster of

Hard to describe "petrified Portman grits", ya gotta see it in its habitat:
slashdot.org postings.

Message: 7
   Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 22:20:08 -0800
   From: Eric Armstrong <eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com
Subject: Re: Colloquium 4

Jeff Miller wrote:
> From: Jeff Miller <jeffm@dynamite.com.au <mailto:jeffm@dynamite.com.au>>
> On Sat, Jan 29, 2000 at 12:55:02AM -0800, John sb Werneken wrote:
> >
> > One question about Adam's concept: it sounds a lot like Crit; what
> would be
> > the result of large numbers of users converging on the same
> document? Chaos,
> > too much stuff to be useful, to much "petrified Portman grits"
> postings as
> > now infect the somewhat similar project of slashdot.org's postings ?
> It could be a question of peer review and user interface design. If
> people
> reviewed and weighted comments...

Cool concept. By "weighting" you mean I would add a yay or nay to a
reviewer's comments?
Or did you mean something else?
What is a "petrified Portman grits" posting, anyway?

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