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From: Marcelo Hoffmann (
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 11:07:11 PST

From: Marcelo Hoffmann <>


the idea of suggesting organizations that we may want to link with is a
very good one, and follows the intention of the sessions we have planned
for the Colloquium.

As of now, we are planning to have a dialogue on Networked Improvement
Communities next week (session 6), followed by a session on Scalable
Improvement Infrastructures, and then Pilot Outposts.

We know that these are big topics in and of themselves, and it helps to
start thinking about who to link with, how to do so, and what would be
the best ways to synergyze. It would also help to let key people in
synergystically minded organizations involved in the dialogue. In the
best of worlds, we would like to end the colloquium with a plan for how
to take action and implement the ideas described and generated during
the colloquium. In my view, this will be relatively easy on the
technological OHS/DKR-side, but substantially more difficult on the
"human systems" side. For this reason, advanced planning on the human
system-side would be advised; and we need to get additional support from
those who know more about human systems.

regards, Marcelo

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