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Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 09:28:51 PST

From: "Bill Bearden" <>


I absolutely agree with the co-evolution part and the self-awareness part.
In my post Better Humans, Better Information Systems
(, I stated that there are
two paths that should be explored. The first path was increasing the
capabilities of people by means other than just traditional training. My
suggestions in this category are reading and living "Flow"
(, and learning and
practicing The Alexander Technique ( But I
would be surprised if I could convince many that they should do these

Even if we could agree on one or more techniques for improving
self-awareness, how does one go about getting people to work on it: require

The problem becomes even more difficult when we discuss spirituality.
Zealotry ("we are the chosen therefore we are right and you are wrong") is
easily awakened. Avoid zealotry by focusing on our common beliefs? Good

Bill Bearden


> From: Daniela U.Trocan <>


> I propose that any effort of finding technological answers to our
> problems as
> a global society should be accomponied by an equal effort to develop
> techniques of evolving our conscience / self-awareness /
> spiritual dimension.


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