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From: Bernie DeKoven (
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 15:00:06 PST

From: "Bernie DeKoven" <>

The most reliably "fun" components of any software product are the people
that use it. Applying this to our work, I would imagine that we build in
real-time collaboration capabilities. Allowing someone to drive us through
an OHD, or act as "chauffeur"....For example, like what Placeware
( and WebEx ( provide.

Which brings me momentarily to another point -- the point of technography.
We would probably want expert "drivers." People who can take us through the
document, who can facilitate not only our explorations of the document, but
also our development of the document, the creation of new data, new links,
new maps. So I think that when we think of the ease of use, we should also
think of the part that the expert user can play in bringing even greater
ease of use.

I think we ought to think of every opportunity we can for integrating
community and communication into our software toolset, so that enables us
not only to manage information, but also to manage the producers and
consumers of that information.

Then there are graphic referents, like virtual cities, which we can build to
house the data and the interactions -- real-world correlatives that will
help us better understand what we're looking at and how we might interact
with them: roadmaps and street signs, city plans and shopping malls.

What about being able to leave little surprises for each other, like, oh, an
animation of us applauding...little secret greetings that might entice
others to follow in our footsteps, or might inform us of their presence.

Well, this is for starters. Maybe to raise some eyebrows or some hands. I
know that we have more "important" work ahead of us. And I guess my hope is
that we won't leave play and playfulness, the joy of community and the value
of multiple media for communication too far out of this picture.

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On Mon, Feb 07, 2000 at 12:45:54PM -0600, Bill Bearden wrote:
> I mentioned Csikszentmihalyi's Flow and the Alexander Technique because I
> believed they didn't have a spiritual component. Perhaps my understanding
> what is meant by "spirituality" is too limited. Maybe I don't understand
> your words "spiritually uplifting".

"Spirtuality" and similar word are just a bit too hit and miss these days.
Some people find a walk in the park spiritual, others associate it only
with churches. I'd I've to say, in the general sense, it's anything that
allows reflection.

> For me, Flow is about human motivation, one of the most powerful forces we
> know. And certainly the harnessing of this force would be a capability (to
> use Douglas' words) that would improve many other of our capabilities.
> F. M. Alexander's "Technique" is a method of teaching people improved "Use
> of Self". Alexander's goal was to overcome habit. Our bad habits constrain
> us. The capability to overcome habit would also possibly benefit other
> capabilities.

I'll have to take a look into this sometime.

But assumming it's suitable for what we wish to do here. How can we apply
it to software? It would be best if the user didn't have to know anything
about the techniques and, in fact, did realise they were using them.


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