Re: [unrev-II] Proposal for possible DKR application

From: UglySpineHead (
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 19:18:54 PST

From: "UglySpineHead" <>

A couple points that I didn't get in the original document:

Most of the actual work for this project (once the framework is in place) is
collecting already available resources into one database and
cross-referencing them. This could initially be restricted to one componet
or several small related ones. It would be innappropriate to start with
every Linux tool and component at once. The reason I recommended this as a
start was it focuses more on the tools and perfecting them.

A better framework and a plan of action are forth-coming. If you would like
to help, as I am not a programmer by trade or hobbie, it would be

Upon viewing parts of session 5 I'm assuming this will be folded into the
entire project, either as a future goal or an application of what we learn.

Thanks for your time.

Michael (Really, *I* don't work at Transmeta) Crusoe
(602) 438 8088 ext. 0335

One last note for the TA: Will a downloadable (not streaming) version of the
session be made available? It would make it easier for myself and others to

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