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From: Jeff Miller (
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 23:34:08 PST

From: Jeff Miller <>

On Mon, Feb 07, 2000 at 11:09:43PM -0800, Dick Karpinski wrote:
> Now that most folks know about email, I prefer to have the Feedback
> button be a mailto:webmaster@site.tla?Subject=page-id-info. Not only
> does this incur no delay for a new page download, but I get to say
> what I wanted to say right away, with no other distractions. I don't
> even have to remember and copy the page id.

I'm the reverse. I prefer a web page with a form to fill in. The url of
the page that I came from should be automatically filled in for me so I
don't have to do a cut and paste. I wonder how easy it would be to produce
a split window effect for browser that support frames with the original
page up the top and the form at the bottom.

Own difference of opion can easily be worked around with a "split" feed
back button.
> How can the webmaster deal with the flood?
> Fortunately, many email applications allow for semi-automatic sorting
> by things in the Subject: line. It would be easy to extend this to
> automatically store the email on a page of unexamined comments linked
> from the page in the Subject: line. These pages can then be hidden
> behind any kind of authentication or authorization or viewing
> preference that you feel necessary. As the email is used to revise
> the page or edited to form a new page or simply accepted by some
> topic maven, those status changes can be represented by marks left by
> editors of feedback messages.

Your on the right line. see

for an attempt at an open intelligent mail system.

> It still takes human attention to generate useful feedback, and also
> to review it and make use of it. But these are wonderful things to
> seek volunteer assistance for classifying and responding to with
> explicit proposed changes. The tasks are separable and fairly small.
> When volunteers have shown themselves to be useful, you can extend
> their individual responsibilities at will. And withdraw them when
> that seems wise. And you never have to give one up because of some
> fiscal happenstance; it's a nice feature of volunteerism.

There's a problem with volunteers: You can't use volunteers in a
commerical organisation.
> All that from a minor annoyance at not finding a Feedback button;
> it's best not to make me really angry ... no one knows where that
> might lead.

Your not the only one to go off the deep end because of stupid little
things. [own rant censored byself] :-)

Oh, and as to having a feedback button on every page it can be done in
apache I think with...Hang on I find the url.....try


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