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Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 06:46:35 PST

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Thanks for your good work, Henry. I really appreciate the effort.

This is a good case in point for us -- what are we building here? what kinds
of structures are needed to make it more accessible?

Unfortunately, we need the tools we are talking about designing in order to
do a good job with this, but your work, Henry, gives us a great place to
start. I only hope more of us realize the value of what you've done here.
It's a perfect opportunity for us to bootstrap this dialog into a
higher-order knowledge base.

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It seems to me that not all posts made to the OneList made it. Maybe
some have been dropped purposefully. Maybe some have been dropped

In this connection, I should say that the OneList "Post Message" form
leaves something to be desired. There appears to be no automatic line
wrapping and I wonder if that may be the cause of posts not making it.
(A recent post on which I worked pretty arduously did not make it, quite
possibly for this reason. I am just left to guess....)

I should like people on this list to realize that the Colloquium is a
bit like a long column of people with some marching right in step with
the leader whereas many others are struggling to keep up. People get
behind for various reasons: (a) other things vying for attention, (b)
poor reception makes colloquium sometimes hard to follow -- I may set
evening hours aside for it and then find that I better try to pick
things up again in the morning, (c) previous item makes one lose
track of discussions for there is no point reading posts about matters
discussed at a session one has not yet viewed, etc. Myself, I was off
the list for a few weeks because of an address change and, hence, there
was a huge gap in the posts I received. All these items things cause
discomfort and make it hard to wrap one's mind around things and causes
people to possibly be weeks behind.

Yesterday, I decided to make the discussions (which are
hardly the short e-mails of everyday life) my priority, but I just got
lost. That's why I organized the threads as shown on

I hope what I did is useful to others; I haven't heard anything yet.

It is also clear to me that there are many ideas in the threads that
need paying attention to, but just must be shoved aside for now, and
rather indiscriminately so. I, for one, would be much more comfortable
knowing that the discussions will continue after Week 10 of the
Colloquium. (Make that a proposal) Also, in view of my own emotional
attachment to much of the Colloquium's subject matter, I hope that the
threads may lead to friends in "special interest" aspects may get

I believe the subject matter of this colloquium is vitally important;
maybe less (to me) for industrial DKRs, but very much for public
education and lifelong learning. To me a vital component is that
aspect of public education that has to do with citizenship on this
planet. But I am digressing ...


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