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From: Jack Park (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 11:58:29 PST

From: "Jack Park" <>

From: Eric Armstrong <>

<from Jack Park>
>> With regards to the avoidance of a database, my intuition suggests
>> that a structure needs to be created that supports the flat files
>> suggested here.
>> Oracle 8i has this nifty feature (in theory; I've never experienced it
>> in its full monty incarnation) that anyone can access any file from any
>> kind of browser. Metalevel inference capabilities of this nature would
>> be, IMHO, very useful in DKR. Structure supporting powerful search
>> routines can easily be supported in a relational database.
>> OSS steps in that direction include:
>> and
>> Data itself can remain in flat files if desired.
>The design document for the groovy database looks like a good read.
>Thanks for the pointer.

His whole site is interesting.

>How is that the data can remain in flat files with this system?

My thinking relates more to the rdbms hypersql. It should be possible to
modify the code to save data as blobs (for internal storage) or design the
tables such that the entry is a url for the flat file, with a front-end
handling that fetch. Actually, I got this idea because I am building a tiny
Amanuensis in java that allows you to store keywords in an rdbms, and the
query pane lets you find home pages (local flat html files) it creates that
describe things like web sites or stuff on your local disks. I know that
you can download one right now, but it doesn't (correct me if I'm wrong)
allow you to annotate what's there, keep histories, and so forth.

>It looks like we may be able to put policy control in the hands of the
>client -- so they can choose flat files or database storage, as they
>prefer. Is that correct?

Why not? Seems too early to be making such heavy user interface
decisions -- it can go any direction you want.

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