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From: UglySpineHead (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 19:53:59 PST

From: "UglySpineHead" <>

> From: Eric Armstrong <>
> UglySpineHead wrote:
> >
> > Or try the online archive and threaded view on the course homepage:
> > You will need your webcast
> > and password for this.
> >
> I'd love to find a threaded discussion archive. The OneList archive is
> abysmall -- daily or weekly summaries, or some such. I can never find
> anything there...
> However, since I'm on location, I don't have a Website name/passwd, do
> I?
> Anyone know how I access the archives in that case?
> (I'd like to see the past presentations, as well. I haven't
> done that either.)

To quote from an early email ("[unrev-II] UnRev-II first session went well"
from Peter P. Yim (

"We have decided to provide all registrants the access to the webcast
(despite what was announced at the class, if you are already registered,
then there will be no need to re-registered for on line access now). The
webcast access page URL has been updated; so please bookmark this new
URL <> and make a
note of the username and password provided (you will be needing the
password to gain access fairly soon)."

[Archived @]

If that doesn't work you could sign up (again) for the webcast at

Best of luck.

Michael "I have no shame" Crusoe
(602) 438-8088 ext. 0335

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