[unrev-II] Possible solution to group-dynamic problem

From: UglySpineHead (uglyspinehead@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 18:45:31 PST

From: "UglySpineHead" <uglyspinehead@hotmail.com>

As an attempt to solve the lack of community building for those of us not
participating in person I've created the #unrev-II channel on slashnet. This
could be used to discuss the ideas presented here or just talk with each
other. Although this isn't an official part of the colloquium I'm posting
the URL for the permission to use agreement. To use this service you will
need an IRC
client, mIRC (www.mIRC.co.uk) is a one of the more popular ones. You can log
into slashnet ( /net ) at irc.slashnet.org Or get server info and help
logging on at www.slashnet.org

Thank you for your time.

Michael "oOH. Lesbian Night!" Crusoe
(602) 438-8088 x0335

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