[unrev-II] Doug's Objectives, Writings Warrant Support

From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 23:41:11 PST

From: Rod Welch <rowelch@attglobal.net>

Ron Goldman wrote:

> From: Ron Goldman <rgoldman@cs.stanford.edu>
> As discussion moves into particulars of how a DKR or OHS should be built,
> I think we might all benefit by actually reading some of the papers that
> Doug has written about those very details. ...folks ...might care to
> comment on things? It would be nice to hear from some others
> what their take on all of this is & why they are personally taking the
> time to participate.

Ron, on December 22, 1999, I spoke to Doug about his objectives for the


Doug suggested reading his paper on Groupware published in 1992. It shows
a blueprint for the ABC augment and improvement ideas Doug is presenting in
the Colloquium, and it sets a vision for using technology to help
accomplish these objectives, based on a knowledge management capability.
You can explore this capability from the review of Doug's paper that shows
alignment with my work, and subsequent progress during the Colloquium...


Augmenting human thinking, commonly called "intelligence" is a big part of
what Doug has in mind, and is explained in the paper on POIMS...


I am participating to support Doug and others who share his vision, and to
draw support, as well, for my work. By whatever means this capability
evolves and becomes a reality, it will benefit everyone, and for
generations to come. It will also bring new risks and challenges for each
of us individually, and collectively, which adds urgency and excitement to
the mission.

Hope this helps.


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