[unrev-II] Individual slides in zipped files

From: vaneyken@sympatico.ca
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 14:06:38 PST

From: vaneyken@sympatico.ca

Not all of us participate in this colloquium under optimum conditions. For
people who, like myself, have difficulty following some of the lectures and
the rapid pace with which some slides are shown, I have zipped up slides in
folders named by session and speaker as follows:

www.fleabyte.org/01A-E.ZIP - Session 1A - Engelbart 1-01/31
.../01B-E.ZIP - Session 1B - Engelbart 1-32/51
.../02A-E.ZIP - Session 2A - Engelbart 2-01/52
.../02B-C.ZIP - Session 2B - Crane Crane-01/23
.../02B-S.ZIP - Session 2B - Spohrer Spohrer-01/07
.../03A-E.ZIP - Session 3A - Engelbart 3-01/26
.../03A-H.ZIP - Session 3A - Hofmann H-01/22
.../03A-Y.ZIP - Session 3A - Yim Yim-01/13
.../03B-E.ZIP - Session 3B - Engelbart 03-27/42
.../03B-J.ZIP - Session 3B - Jacobson J-01/35
.../03B-Y2.ZIP - Session 3B - Yim2 Yim2-01/23
.../04A-E.ZIP - Session 4A - Engelbart 04-01/45
.../04A-G.ZIP - Session 4A - Glenn Glenn-01/03
.../04A-S.ZIP - Session 4A - Scott- 04-46/49
.../04B-C.ZIP - Session 4B - Cheyer Cheyer01/05
.../04B-E.ZIP - Session 4B - Engelbart - 04-62/65, 04-74/77, 04-83
.../04B-J.ZIP - Session 4B - Jones Jones01/08
.../04B-S2.ZIP - Session 4B - Spohrer 04-50/61

Fortunately, I haven't had a chance yet to listen to copyright issues, so that
I can sleep well with a clear conscience. But that situation may change soon,
so if any of you want to avail yourself of what I have on my site, better do so
a.s.a.p. These slides can't stay there!


P.S. I hope this message will selfdestruct and not live forever in a DKR
like some memo for pizza.

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