Re: [unrev-II] Am I the only dummy around here?

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 20:48:59 PST

From: Eric Armstrong <> wrote:
> ...I am stuck at Session 4 because I can't understand what is
> said well enough to convenienty integrate it with
> the slides, take some notes, and internalize it all.
> Online people don't have the opportunity to meet with fellow
> attendees to quickly fill in some mental gaps. And there are
> only so many hours available to sort things out.
> In short, it is agony.
> But I do believe that what is going on here is far too important to
> simply drop it all...
> I desperately need good course notes or an efficient road map through
> the material available online...
Brother, I hear your pain.

I reviewed my presentation so I could jot down some of my
extemporaneous thoughts (and assess my performance). I have
a very high speed connection, and there were still many,
many audio/video dropouts -- enough so that it was sometimes
hard to follow my own presentation!

I found the fast forward/rewind controls essentially unusable,
too, because of the 5-6 second "hole" while the video reset

On the other hand, Tanya said the whole thing ran smooth as
silk -- she was in Palo Alto at the time, though (same town
as the Stanford campus). A while back they were talking about
putting in fiber-optic cabling throughout the city. So maybe
that was the difference, or maybe there is packet-switching
problem as they route through multiple intermediate servers.

One way to fix the bandwidth problem might be to download the
video. But Stanford has that excellent system whereby they
play back the slides and video in synchronized fashion -- even
switching to different slide presentations for different
speakers. It's most impressive, and I don't know how you
would download that capablility. Something of the sort should
probably be investigated, though.

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