[unrev-II] Re: Reference Materials, v0.5

From: benay@dara-abrams.com
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 07:33:16 PST

From: benay@dara-abrams.com

Eric -

Thank you for organizing the list of reference materials. In an
earlier discussion a few weeks ago, I raised the issue of the importance
of organizing information in some coherent way as one of the most
important features of a DKR. I think that you have hereby transformed
an important component of our discussion into a DKR. In keeping with the dynamic part
of the name, how can we maintain and update the contents? Can we
automate that function or does that still require a human such
as yourself to condense and organize?

From: Eric Armstrong <eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com>
Subject: Reference Materials, v0.5

In compiling this list, I am acting as a "DKR" by:
  * Condensing information / evaporating the extraneous
  * Organizing and presenting the material
  * Preserving attributions to contributors
  * Recording evaluations
The DKR we build should make those operations as easy
as is feasible so they can applied to every document
in the system.


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office: 650-964-6094

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