[unrev-II] ArsDigita

From: Paul Fernhout (pdfernhout@kurtz-fernhout.com)
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 12:34:48 PST

From: Paul Fernhout <pdfernhout@kurtz-fernhout.com>

I've been poking around the ArsDigita site.
They offer an open source toolkit that works with the Oracle RDBMS, and
related consulting services. They also support some non-profit projects.

The ArsDigita toolkit has dozens of useful modules to do everything from
handling an address book, doing graphing, polls, news, banners, ads, and
slide shows.
The code seems to be in TCL and stored in the Oracle database.

I'm still a Zope/Python fan, even more so now with the Zope portal
and I'd much prefer Python to TCL, but these ArsDigita people look

ArsDigita offers various free web-based services that might be
immediately useful to people in the Colloquium:

By the way, great job with the DKR Reference Materials links summary,

-Paul Fernhout
Kurtz-Fernhout Software
Developers of custom software and educational simulations
Creators of the Garden with Insight(TM) garden simulator

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