Re: [unrev-II] RE: Mental Arthmetic, Calculators, and Armageddon

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 13:58:33 PST

From: Eric Armstrong <> wrote:
> An example of a situation in which people had
> become overly reliant on technology occurred for
> me a few months ago. My family and I went into a
> restaurant and we were told that the computers were
> down so they couldn't serve us. They couldn't take
> our orders for food and relay the information to the
> cooks in the kitchen since they didn't have their
> computers. I pointed out that they could perform
> these functions manually by writing down our orders
> and by talking to the kitchen staff, but the person
> looked at me like I was crazy. We came back an hour
> later and he said that the computers were back up and
> they could serve us.
Ouch. If Y2K *had* been accompanied by power outages,
things could have gotten serious...

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