[unrev-II] Implicit hyperlinks

From: vaneyken@sympatico.ca
Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 06:45:18 PST

From: vaneyken@sympatico.ca

Just a thought that crossed my mind as am reading rather specialized documents
outside my more ordinary areas of interest (such as the bootstrap docs):

One often encounters unfamiliar terms, or terms defined within a specialty
somewhat different than one is used to (i.q. the abbreviation IQ in bootstrap
documentation's "Collective IQ" does not correspond to psychologists'
definition of I.Q. - now redundant), as well as abbreviations (which tyemselves
may have context-dependent meanings (i.q. I.Q.). Such occurrences jar attention
and/or may cause misinterpretation.

I believe that we need a secondary form of hyperlink pertaining to
abbreviations and specialized terms. Those would not be underlined. A reader
would simply expect that clicking on them would immediately generate the
appropriate definition, preferably in a separate window so as not to interrupt
the primary document being read.

I am probably not the first one to dream this up, but think it worthwhile the
post the idea just in case ...


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