RE: [unrev-II] Profound Thinking (was: Improving education (why are we doing what?))

From: Gil Regev (
Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 23:24:10 PST

Don't you think that by separating the list in 2 you will also be creating a
divide that will make it much more difficult to borrow ideas from one to the
other? Isn't the fact that "the discussions themselves so mutually
antipathetic to many important contributors" just a sign of the need for
accomodation as described by Henry?

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  Jack Park wrote:
> It strikes me that the topics of:
> mathematics of knowledge
> methods of learning/teaching
> are, themselves, so profound in their importance...that a second
> list for such explorations might be started, and leave this or
> another list to the nitty-gritty of implementation issues.
  I think you are correct. Two lists are needed, at a minimum.
  One is a "content" list, where issues like those above are
  discussed. The other is an "implementation" list, where possible
  designs and methodologies are discussed.

  Implementation issues are deep and long. Those discussions will
  choke off content discussions. But it is the content discussions
  that provide motivation and delineate the purpose(s) that
  direct the design work.

  On the other hand, content discussions will tend to be widely
  diverse and far ranging. Those discussions will put off the
  folks who want to narrow their focus, dig in, and get something
  built. Without those discussions and the work that results from
  them, the content discussions will remain so many breezes in the
  air, with no concrete results.

  The goals of the two discussions are so diverse, the discussions
  themselves so mutually antipathetic to many important contributors,
  and the sheer volume of each so large, that two lists strikes me
  as an absolute necessity.



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